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Paul is the co-founder of the Berlin Stand-Up School with his comedy partner Carline Clifford. Benefit from Paul's 10+ years of international comedy experience as a performer, host, and producer. Click here for more:

Berlin Stand-Up School 

Here's what students are saying:

“Paul is a great teacher. I was suprised to see how well he understood each person’s comedic style. In that sense he encouraged me to do crowd work my own way. During his course I learnt to act more spontaneous in my act and lose the fear when talking to an audience member.”
  —Erika Ratcliffe

“His class gave me self-esteem onstage… and I now get paid to host as well!”
  — Stefan Danziger

“I highly recommend this!”
  — Ben Schmid


“The workshop was a great chance to learn from Berlin's king of crowdwork. The format was supportive and very interactive, with Paul sharing lots of real-life stories about how he handled tricky audience situations. Great value for money!”
  — Ben MacLean


“This workshop did a great job teaching me how to think quickly and to observe the audience. We got great tools for practicing crowdwork within the group and even alone at home. I really liked his attitude that you do not have to be a ‘people person’ to be a good host, and how he supported all the different personal styles of the participating comedians. Absolutely recommended!”
  —Dorothee Fesel

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